Ryan Charles – Showreel

A showreel I produced for professional footballer, Ryan Charles.


Oxford Away – 10 Minute Screenplay

Oxford Away

This is a script I wrote for a screenwriting module in my 2nd year at uni.

Based on a true historical event I used an eye witness account to paint a realistic picture of what transpired however all characters depicted are completely fictional.

“During the height of football violence in the early 80s, Jack and Dave are in Oxford to watch their team, Newport County. Jack wants to be a football hooligan and plans to impress a group of older lads in the hope that he’ll be accepted into their clique. Dave, who’s father is serving a jail term for football related violence, simply wants to stay out of trouble. At the end of the match, Jack follows Andrew and his group of hooligans to attack a pub of Oxford fans, dragging Dave along with him. He eventually pays the price for this when a brawl ensues, Dave is beaten within an inch of his life and Jack is arrested.”

Hello there!

Hello there!

My names Tom and I’m currently a third year Film & Video student at the University of South Wales (formerly the University of Wales, Newport) where I specialise in screenwriting as well as working in other areas of film production including, editing, sound production, directing and producing.

I was born and bred in Newport, the city in which I currently reside. It’s a place of great history with some interesting locations and is always a source of inspiration to me.

I also find that Newport is a hotbed for film related opportunities with many established TV shows choosing to film in it’s magnificent locations. One which I’ve worked for in past is Being Human where I was a production assistant.

In late 2012 I won a competition with BAFTA nominated Facebook game I AM PLAYR and was given the amazing opportunity to produce video content for them. This content now features in the game.

As a small side business I also produce showreels for professional footballers and actors. I plan to showcase the work I’ve done on this blog as well as posting any scripts I’ve done and keeping it up to date with various concepts I’m working on.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you like what you see!

Best wishes